Doggies, Doilies, and Deer Hats

Needless to say, my first week back at college was a lot to take in. Apparently some of those higher learning gears have rusted a bit since my last go at this. Fortunately I am loving my Art Education class so far (not least because I get to talk about what I love to do.)

Here are some of the other projects I have been working on recently…

Doggie Sweaters for the adorable Zoe and Aurora:


In my eternal quest to cover everything in yarn, I had the great opportunity to make some custom doggie sweaters for these two adorable Italian Bolognese sisters. The first sweater is striped orchid and navy blue (pictured), the second (that I am currently working on) will be a lovely baby blue and matching navy.


I used this great free pattern from Stitch11 to make them.



For no reason other than the love of doilies, I have started making doilies. I see them as helping me level up in my crochet abilities, as #10 cotton thread is the smallest material I have yet crocheted. Plus, they are fun and relaxing.

Plus, I love mandalas.


Deer Hats!

Lastly, I’m extending my 20% off sale on my Deer Hat pattern until my birthday, September 20th! This is a great opportunity to snag a really cute costume pattern for Halloween or something quirky and fun to wear out to the apple orchards.

Just use the coupon code STAGHAG to snag this pattern for only 3.20 USD!

Deer Hat Promo

For more badass crochet, see what I’m Pinning lately!



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